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Status: stable

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Beschreibung r0ket-tracking Projekt für diverse CCC-Veranstaltungen
Autor: schinken
Version 0.8
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r0ket-Tr4cking @ 28C3


r0ket tracking is using a JSON-Livestream of the OpenBeacon Network here on 28c3 to visualize the movement data of the visitors r0kets

Slides of a talk given at the first backspace event: http://schinken.github.io/talks/2012-04-r0ket-tracking/

Planned Features:

  • Correctly aligned floorplan :P
  • Show and Hide of each floor of the floorplan
  • Stalking of nicknames or r0ketIds
  • Smooth animations (or animation transistions) for r0kets and radars

Already implemented:

  • Filtering of JSON-Data and Caching (forwarding it through a proxy because of Cross Domain Policy)
  • Consistent Datastructure in javascript objects (r0ket, radar, floor, etc.
  • Drawing on a canvas with pathes of r0kets